Flexible Contract

Talent Offshore offer a good work-life balance for staff. Salary costs are lower, as employees are paid for the time-period they worked.

A flexible contract of employment can be beneficial for employers and employees. They help you run your business efficiently, whilst ensuring you have people available when needed.

Flexible contracts should be easy to understand and manage. However, they can sometimes be complex so having clear communication and admin procedures is essential.

You may need the flexibility to respond when you can’t predict customer needs, with seasonal busy periods, or when you know your business is quiet.

A time-bound contract where you will have to pay for the desired services as per agreed timelines i.e., hourly/weekly/monthly.

Candidate Screening by Client

Client has the full rights to screen and select the talent as per their desires.

Staff Managed by the client

From start to finish the staff will be fully at client disposal and will work dedicatedly for the client.

Payment as per agreed timelines

The payment will be made as per the agreement, hourly / weekly / monthly

Performance Evaluation

Client will submit the deliverables / key performance indicators (KPIs) and agency will ensure the compliance.


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Flexible Contracts - Success Rate

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majority contracts are related to virtual assistants, bookkeeprs

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