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Experienced and Globally-assessed Offshore Agency Staffing
We offer agency staffing with the exact skill set you require. Access exceptional candidates who have experience in your industry and software platforms.
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A Lot More Than the Cost Savings
We understand how crucial the start-ups can be; we provide cost effective solutions with world-class staff members.
A Fully Deputed Account Manager
Our prime objective is to build a bridge between our clients and offshore talent, for this purpose, we depute a full-time Account Manager who will assist you with the onboarding and formation of your offshore team.
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Make Your Start-up a Success Story!
Scale-up your business and build an offshore team, powered by a pool of professionals, with dynamic skill sets and expertise.
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Fields of expertise

Agency staffing to complement any team and reach any goal

Finance and Accounting

Bookkeepers, Financial and Management Accountants, Financial Analysts, Tax Consultants, Auditors

Development and IT

Web/App developers, Data Analysts, Quality Inspectors, Tech supporters

Admin & Customer Support

Data Entry Operators, Virtual Assistants, Medical Transcriptioneer, Customer Representatives

Writing & Translation

Content Writers, Translators, Proofreaders, Copywriters

Digital Marketing

Social Marketers, Market researchers, Media experts, Sales Representatives / Merchandisers

Designing and Creativity

Graphics designers, UX/UI designers, Web designers, Animators / Video editors


A bridge between – our policy of smart working aligns the goals of our clients with the goals of talent so that outcomes are better, and everyone grows in the same direction.

“The bridge between reality and a dream is work.”

We are your workforce, use this independent talent to build faster and transform your business. We work as an extension to our client’s office and believe that the client’s goal is our goal.

Should you opt for agency staffing?

There are several problems with individual freelancers, companies can overcome these issues by agency staffing.

Problems with individual freelancers

Mightight leave unfinished business

Communication Barriers

Is trustworthy?

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Choose Your Perfect Plan

Fixed Contract

Task based contract
  • Team formation by the Client
  • Resource management by the Agency
  • Full time Account Manager

Flexible Contract

Time bound contract
  • Team formation by the Client
  • Resource management by the Agency
  • Full time Account Manager

Short-Term Contract

Back-office support services
  • Team formation by the Client
  • Resource management by the Agency
  • Full time Account Manager

Long-Term Contract

Outsourcing / offshoring services
  • Team formation by the Client
  • Resource management by the Agency
  • Full time Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly anything your team does via a computer program or over the internet can be done remotely, by an offshore team. However, all they need is the right skills, training, support, and software to do the job.

Outsourcing to Pakistan can result in cost savings of up to 70%. For instance, these cost-savings are due to the exceptionally low living costs in Pakistan when compared to the locations such as the U.S and Australia.

We offer a monthly fee to help reduce overheads and allow you to focus on scaling and growing your business. Therefore, monthly fees are inclusive of infrastructure, recruitment, training, security, staff benefits, and management.

Cost savings
Hiring staff in Pakistan means you can save up to 70% on employment costs as the cost of living is significantly lower than in most western countries.

Employee satisfaction
By outsourcing time-consuming and administrative tasks to Pakistan, your local teams are no longer working over capacity, leading to an increase in satisfaction across the board.

24/7 operations
Pakistanis are happy to work whatever standard hours suit the client. You can increase your hours of operation and even hire staff to work while your onshore team rests.

Renewed focus on business strategy
Your offshore team management is taken care of by your offshore executive team, allowing you to step back and focus on developing growth strategies.

Business growth
Due to the savings associated with hiring offshore staff, companies can free up funds that can be reinvested back into the growth of the business.

Your new team member(s) will be ready to begin work in as little as six to 10 days, this time including the shortlisting/testing/interview/selection by the client – possibly even sooner if all of this is managed by TalentOffshore.

Once you’ve found the right people for your team, we set them up within 1/2 days our modern, state-of-the-art office facilities, including furniture, IT infrastructure, and support.

We’ve got a team of offshoring specialists who can help answer this question – or any others you might have. From offshore pricing models and securing quality offshore teams, to labor cost savings and sourcing specialist talent in Pakistan. Give us a call now at +966 54 352 1298 or send us an email

We’re experts at offshore outsourcing and we’re here to help.

Offshore staffing agencies are getting popular day by day, it provides number of benefits from small to large organizations which include, cost-cutting, fast recruitment, access to broader talent pool, etc.

Companies often hire through staffing agencies to fill temporary needs, expand their candidate search or expedite the hiring process for human resources.

Customers reviews

What people say?

“I had the best recruiting experience with Talent Offshore. While the process of recruiting offshore seemed risky but they walk me through all the steps, gave me time to consider my options, and came through when I needed them. They helped me get the best team I wanted. Extremely happy with the service. Highly recommended!!! "
Julieth Kayika
Empire Business Solutions
Yes, I would definitely recommend Telent Offshore services, very helpful from planning to execution. Project manager explained every process from start to finish. I would happily recommend their service.”
Athar Khan
Apt-Opt Consulting

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