Why Us?

Partnering with the best, get a marvelous outcome.


Why us is a big question that we ask ourselves on daily basis.

Offshoring for the first time is a big move, so make sure you choose the right agency for your employment services with a proven track record and no hidden costs.

Hence, offshoring can lead to huge cost saving and you can focus on your core business.

Why US?

Following features differentiate us from other online employment services. 

Businesses get into trouble when the power and internet go out. A cheap or unreliable provider may have skimped on infrastructure, which can make the difference between the success and failure of your offshore investment.

We provide 24/7 uptime, and 100% redundancy, to keep things running smoothly, our offices have:

  1. Multiple, dedicated internet connections
  2. Backup generators
  3. 24/7 dedicated support

We believe, no one knows your business like you do, which is why we prefer to involve our clients from start to finish. So, you get the control and choice you need, without the hassle of sifting through piles of applicants.

On the other hand, we attract and retain top talent for your business. Our annual attrition rate is less than half the industry average. Our talent management strategy is derived from the best practices of the industry.

There are no hidden charges at all, everything you need is open and transparent.

We work as an extension to our client office, once appointed, your staff is your own and you get to shape them into your ideal team.

You have complete control over your offshore team’s workload, performance, KPIs, and job satisfaction.

As your business grows, the offshore model helps you respond quickly to increasing demand and workload, because it enables you to expand your team and infrastructure quickly and without big up-front investments.

The BPO industry is still quite new, with more than its fair share of startup BPOs run by opportunists with little experience and no financial means. It’s worth remembering that quite a several small companies like these have gone under in the COVID period, taking down their clients’ offshore operations with them.

With Talent Offshore, you can rest assured that this will never happen.

Advanced employment services approach concentrates on personalized strategies to streamline your employment demands. Whether you need full-time contingent staffing support, short-term labor solutions or are interested in hiring for a trial period, we are here to help.

Our team is a reliable group of experts well-equipped to help you staff for your organization.

We work with top-tier companies across various industries.

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Why from Pakistan?

You can outsource just about any role that can be performed via an internet connection. And you can fill roles at levels from junior and intermediate right up to senior and executive levels.

Hire from Pakistan

Huge talent pool

With more than 55% of youth less than the age of 19, and a 62% literacy rate. So almost 13 million people are trained workforce.

English is the official language

English is the country’s official language, so everyone learns it at school, and it's the official language of the government, the legal system, and higher education.

Low cost of labor

Thanks to exceptionally low living costs in Pakistan, labor and occupancy expenses combined are approximately 80% lower than in Australia and the US, so you can drastically reduce your operational costs.

Pakistan is under global financial crisis

A huge opportunity for the developed countries to hire a workforce from developing countries.

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Trained Workforce
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Country Literacy Rate
1 %
Users of smart phone
1 %
Youth under the age of 19 years

Customers reviews

“I had the best recruiting experience with Talent Offshore. While the process of recruiting offshore seemed risky but they walk me through all the steps, gave me time to consider my options, and came through when I needed them. They helped me get the best team I wanted. Extremely happy with the service. Highly recommended!!! "
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Julieth Kayika
Yes, I would definitely recommend Telent Offshore services, very helpful from planning to execution. Project manager explained every process from start to finish. I would happily recommend their service.”
Athar Khan
If you are in need of recruiting offshore team, i recommend Talent Offshore. They found the best team for my start-up. They have very friendly staff specially the account manager walk me through the whole process which initially seem very confusing. I am sure I made the right decision. The process has been extremely smooth, and I would highly recommend them.”
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Johan Smith