Fixed Contract

Using fixed contract of employment may be the best way for your company to keep the budget balanced while getting moving key projects forward. By proceeding with caution, your company can avoid infringing on fixed-term employee rights. This means mitigating risks and liability while holding on to all the perks of fixed-term contracts.

A fixed contract is a task/assignment-based contract where you will have to pay for the desired services after the completion of the job.

Candidate Screening by Client

Client has the full rights to screen and select the talent as per their desires.

Staff Managed by the client

From start to finish the staff will be fully at client disposal and will work dedicatedly for the client.

Payment after completion of the assignment

The payment will be made after the successful completion of the assignment.

Performance Evaluation

Client will submit the deliverables / key performance indicators (KPIs) and agency will ensure the compliance.


Success Rate

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under fixed price contracts

1 %
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related fixed contracts

1 %
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with all new contracts

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Fixed Contract of employment

An employer can benefit from a fixed-term contract:

  • The opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and skills of a specialist for a set time period
  • Increased flexibility for both employers and employees
  • Effective forecasting of resources and budgets according to workforce requirements